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Y11 Art, Food and Photography Exhibition 26th June5.30pm-6.30pm#TeamSFG 💙💛 pic.twitter.com/3LQnjsD0Kj

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With my:1 heart 2 eyes5 litre blood206 bobes1.2 million red cells 60 trillion DNAI wish you all the best!Good luck with your GCSEs Year 11!💙💛 pic.twitter.com/pqm1kgmkfY

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Music workshops were fantastic.Thank you to Ms Savva for organising them.💙🎶💛 pic.twitter.com/9A8AX5Sy6y

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To Year 11 from Mrs C: pic.twitter.com/pPTFdXebb6

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"Goodbye may seem forever. Farewell is like the end, but in our hearts is the memory, and there you all will always be."Farewell Year 11, may the road ahead lead you to your dreams!#TeamSFG 💙💔💛 pic.twitter.com/UpSsmvZMIU

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"How lucky we are to have something so special that makes saying goodbye so hard."#TeamSFG 💙💔💛 pic.twitter.com/DgXaHot4lf

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Our first cohort, our babies are all grown up!5 years flew by.Year 11, it has been an honour and a privilege.Thank you for being a Gibberdian.Thank you for being you.So hard to say goodbye!It feels like you're leaving with a piece of our hearts 💙 💔💛#TeamSFG pic.twitter.com/Af93kgEDRI

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As we conclude another chapter in our extraordinary story, we wish to express our gratitude to Mark Hall Academy for their support.With excitement, we turn our gaze towards the next chapter.See you at SFG on Wednesday Year 7!#TeamSFG 💙💛 pic.twitter.com/s9OOK69b0T

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Raising children that care.Year 9 at Abbot Care Home.Heart warming.Thank you for having us.💙💛 pic.twitter.com/8Pa1ea6Bdb

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Sir Stephen Hawking would be proud of our Scientists!#TeamSFG💙💛 pic.twitter.com/XLBGDvF3mi

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We have lived through many firsts with you and now we're living many lasts.The love we have for you will last forever. You will forever have a special place in our hearts.Once a Gibberdian, always a Gibberdian.#4EverSFG pic.twitter.com/sh7CiwQTaS

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Yesterday, we packed our school and said goodbye to our emergency temps.We shall return after Easter to write the next chapter in our extraordinary journey.Exciting times ahead 😊#TeamSFG pic.twitter.com/ztmEnHOo0L

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University of Essex Maths Feast for Year 7. pic.twitter.com/tikm4gkIDS

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Parent's guide to cyber bullying. pic.twitter.com/HnWCvbjsOp

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Abbot Care Home VisitYear 9 students supporting our local community.Responsible citizens#TeamSFG pic.twitter.com/h5FjooR8RQ

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Year 8 The Brilliant Club scholars meet their PHD tutor 😊 pic.twitter.com/uuhkWuaA88

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We loved the Pi Day activities on 13.4, thankyou Maths Department.#PiDay pic.twitter.com/u9RdDvwPi0

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Statistics show a direct link between underachievement and absence below 95%.Regular attendance makes better progress, both socially and academically.Regular attenders find school routines, school work and friendships easier to cope with. pic.twitter.com/c4u0SolNrS

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One of the top scorers at the national Maths Feast Competition. 100% for team work. pic.twitter.com/UtMtldqPeY

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Temporary Accommodation Communications

Updates are distributed by Sir Frederick Gibberd College on behalf of BMAT Education and, where relevant, the DfE.

THURSday 14th March 2024

Whole School Summer Term Arrangements

Please read carefully: important dates for all years

Dear Parents and Carers, 

I am delighted to update you on the arrangements for students at Sir Frederick Gibberd College this coming summer term. This letter sets out the situation for Year 11 students who will be sitting their GCSE exams, as well as the plan to integrate Year 7 into the wider school community at the SFG site. 

We are pleased to announce that, on the current schedule, Years 8-11 will be able to move into the first phase of the new Portakabin-built school for the start of the summer term, with Year 7 joining them later in the term. 

In this first phase, the whole school community will have access to new facilities including specialist science labs, IT rooms, food rooms, and art studios. The school will also have improved onsite catering facilities

A plan is in place to ensure minimal disruption to teaching while giving staff time to set up and prepare their classrooms. We will of course update parents should timelines around the transfer into the Portakabin-built school shift at all. 

Year 11 Exams 

After successfully hosting the year 11 pre-public exams (mocks) in January, we have decided that all year 11 Sir Frederick Gibberd College students will sit their GCSE exams at Mark Hall Academy this summer. SFG leadership held an assembly for Year 11 students earlier this morning to outline arrangements with them. We believe this is the best venue for them. 

The last day of teaching for Year 11 will be Friday 3rd May. They will then have study leave from Tuesday 7th May (with Monday 6th being the early May Bank Holiday). Students should refer to their specific exam timetable for details which were distributed last week. 

Pupils can either travel to MHA directly for their exams or go from SFG. Transport between SFG and MHA will be provided throughout the day, both for morning and afternoon exams. Plenty of time will be set aside to ensure students arrive at MHA before each exam starts. Separate dedicated catering facilities and study spaces will also be provided to the SFG students onsite at MHA. 

These arrangements will offer certainty to students so they can focus on what is important: preparing for and doing their best in the upcoming exams. The school will provide further specific information about how to sign up for transport and other arrangements for the exam season closer to the time. 

Year 7 arrangements 

We are pleased to also announce that after spending most of the academic year being educated at Mark Hall Academy, from Wednesday 8th May, Year 7 students will join the wider SFG community onsite in the new Portakabin buildings. This will see the welcomed reintegration of the SFG community on one school site. Year 7 will benefit from a fuller and we hope more comprehensive school day at SFG, including joining the breakfast club, as well as having timetabled daily morning and afternoon prep, and enrichment sessions. 

At the beginning of term, on Monday 15th April, Year 7 students will return to MHA as usual where they will be educated until Thursday 2nd May. There will be INSET days on Friday 3rd May and Tuesday 7th May (with Monday 6th being the early May Bank Holiday) to give SFG teachers based at MHA time to pack up and set up in their new classrooms. On those days the Year 7 pupils will have days off school. 

Year 7 will then start back on Wednesday 8th May, alongside Years 8-10, onsite at SFG. The pastoral team and teaching staff will work closely to support Year 7 students in this exciting step. Details around any changes to the teaching timetable for students will be communicated ahead of the move over to the SFG site. 

I would encourage any Year 7 parents to email contact@bmatsfg.org.uk if they have any specific questions about this move. 

Dates for Summer Term 2024 

Please find below the start dates and dates for INSET days over the summer term for all SFG students: 



Friday 12th April 

Portakabin sign-off phase one of the new school building 

Monday 15th and Tuesday 16th April 

INSET days for Years 8-11, days off school for these year groups. 

Friday 3rd May 

Last teaching day for Year 11, INSET day for Year 7 who will have a day off school. 

Monday 6th May 

Early May Bank Holiday 

Tuesday 7th May 

INSET day for Year 7, day off school. Study leave begins for Year 11

Wednesday 8th May 

Year 7 return to school at SFG Site. 

Monday 27th – Friday 31st May 

Summer half-term holiday 

Friday 19th July 

End of Summer term 

As always, please get in touch with any questions you might have at: contact@bmatsfg.org.uk 

Yours Sincerely 

Ms. Helena Mills, CBE 

CEO, BMAT Education 

Friday 15th December 2023

End of Term Letter

Archived below


Friday 8th December 2023

Notification from the DFE on the future of the SFG building

Archived below


Tuesday 28th November 2023

Update on meeting with Baroness Barran

Archived below

Friday 17th November 2023

Parent meeting with Baroness Barran, Schools Minister, and Booking Information

Archived below

Monday 13th November 2023

Confirmation SFG Reopening tomorrow morning

Archived below

Thursday 9th November 2023

Update on reopening of school next week and other matters

Archived below

Friday 3rd November 2023

Update on the building works progress 

Archived below

Monday 30th October 2023

Update on the start of the second half of the autumn term 2023

Archived below

Friday 27th October 2023

Delay to start of second half of term 

Archived below

Friday 20th October 2023

Delay to start of second half of term 

Archived below


Friday 13th October 2023

Update on Temporary Buildings

Archived below

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