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With my:1 heart 2 eyes5 litre blood206 bobes1.2 million red cells 60 trillion DNAI wish you all the best!Good luck with your GCSEs Year 11!💙💛 pic.twitter.com/pqm1kgmkfY

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Music workshops were fantastic.Thank you to Ms Savva for organising them.💙🎶💛 pic.twitter.com/9A8AX5Sy6y

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To Year 11 from Mrs C: pic.twitter.com/pPTFdXebb6

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"Goodbye may seem forever. Farewell is like the end, but in our hearts is the memory, and there you all will always be."Farewell Year 11, may the road ahead lead you to your dreams!#TeamSFG 💙💔💛 pic.twitter.com/UpSsmvZMIU

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"How lucky we are to have something so special that makes saying goodbye so hard."#TeamSFG 💙💔💛 pic.twitter.com/DgXaHot4lf

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Our first cohort, our babies are all grown up!5 years flew by.Year 11, it has been an honour and a privilege.Thank you for being a Gibberdian.Thank you for being you.So hard to say goodbye!It feels like you're leaving with a piece of our hearts 💙 💔💛#TeamSFG pic.twitter.com/Af93kgEDRI

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As we conclude another chapter in our extraordinary story, we wish to express our gratitude to Mark Hall Academy for their support.With excitement, we turn our gaze towards the next chapter.See you at SFG on Wednesday Year 7!#TeamSFG 💙💛 pic.twitter.com/s9OOK69b0T

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Raising children that care.Year 9 at Abbot Care Home.Heart warming.Thank you for having us.💙💛 pic.twitter.com/8Pa1ea6Bdb

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Sir Stephen Hawking would be proud of our Scientists!#TeamSFG💙💛 pic.twitter.com/XLBGDvF3mi

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We have lived through many firsts with you and now we're living many lasts.The love we have for you will last forever. You will forever have a special place in our hearts.Once a Gibberdian, always a Gibberdian.#4EverSFG pic.twitter.com/sh7CiwQTaS

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Yesterday, we packed our school and said goodbye to our emergency temps.We shall return after Easter to write the next chapter in our extraordinary journey.Exciting times ahead 😊#TeamSFG pic.twitter.com/ztmEnHOo0L

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University of Essex Maths Feast for Year 7. pic.twitter.com/tikm4gkIDS

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Parent's guide to cyber bullying. pic.twitter.com/HnWCvbjsOp

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Abbot Care Home VisitYear 9 students supporting our local community.Responsible citizens#TeamSFG pic.twitter.com/h5FjooR8RQ

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Year 8 The Brilliant Club scholars meet their PHD tutor 😊 pic.twitter.com/uuhkWuaA88

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We loved the Pi Day activities on 13.4, thankyou Maths Department.#PiDay pic.twitter.com/u9RdDvwPi0

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Statistics show a direct link between underachievement and absence below 95%.Regular attendance makes better progress, both socially and academically.Regular attenders find school routines, school work and friendships easier to cope with. pic.twitter.com/c4u0SolNrS

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One of the top scorers at the national Maths Feast Competition. 100% for team work. pic.twitter.com/UtMtldqPeY

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Y8 The Brilliant Club Scholars launch. pic.twitter.com/d1CE7RAaD4

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Outstanding Education

Supporting primary and secondary schools across Essex and North & East London, BMAT is a growing multi-academy trust with a singular vision: schools, teachers and pupils freed to succeed.

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Safeguarding & Safety For Visitors

We hope that your visit will be enjoyable, informative and safe.

Please help us by reading and complying with the guidance contained on this page which is intended to ensure your health and safety whilst visiting SFG.

If you have any questions after reading this, please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff for assisstance. Staff can be identified easily as they all wear SFG badges. Please wear your visitor’s badge at all times when on site. Please return the badge to BMA reception and sign out when leaving.


All visitors, supply staff, student teachers and contractors coming into the school must report to Burnt Mill Academy main reception. As a visitor you will be asked to sign in and be issued with a badge which must be worn prominently so that staff and students can see you are a visitor. Depending on the circumstances you may also be asked to show any identification and your DBS certificate. If you are a regular visitor to the school you will need to sign in on each occasion. When you leave the site please ensure that you sign out and return your badge.

First Aid

We have several first aid staff, please alert a member of staff if you feel unwell and they will call for assistance for you. Alternatively, please go to the main office.

Health & Safety

Contractors must ensure that they are fully conversant with the safety rules and regulations to be observed by contractors working on site. As a visitor to our school it is essential that you follow and health and safety guidelines that may apply.


SFG is a non-smoking school; this includes e-cigarettes. Please DO NOT smoke on site or off site in view of pupils.


Before taking any photographs on site permission must be sought from either the Headteacher or the Site Manager.

Fire & Evacuation

If you have a host they will explain and guide you through any emergency procedures. If you are in school for the day please ensure you read the evacuation notice in the room you are in. If the alarm sounds for any reason follow the instructions. If you evacuate, the assembly point is clearly marked as the MUGA at teh back of the school. If you have students with you please ensure they leave quickly, calmly and quietly with you.

Parking on site

Walking/cycling to school will be the normal expectation and positively promoted from the outset for the whole school community. This approach also supports our commitment to promote healthy lifestyles and physical fitness for our children and their families. Encouraging walking/cycling also increases awareness of the local environment, independence and social opportunities. The school will be actively promoting car free travel. In some cases there may be a legitimate reason why a family has to drive to school however parking on the school site is limited. At the start and end of the school day, parents are not permitted to drive on to site for safety of our pupils.


We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expect all visitors and volunteers to share this commitment.

All visitors must:

  • Adopt high standards of personal conduct when working with pupils.
  • Behave in a manner, which is a role model to pupils.
  • Not discuss or make inappropriate or insensitive remarks to pupils.
  • Avoid engaging in confrontation, demeaning or humiliating behaviour.
  • Treat information about pupils confidentially.
  • Never promise any pupil confidentiality.
  • Avoid physical contact with pupils.
  • Avoid one to one situations, where this is not possible speak to a member of staff and ensure there is visual access or an open door so that others can see you.
  • Do not share personal information with pupils such as mobile numbers, personal email, etc.
  • Be aware of our policies in use of ICT and social networking.


If a pupil makes a disclosure:

  • Speak to a Safeguarding Officer immediately.
  • Do not investigate — record information and pass to a Safeguarding Officer immediately.
  • Report the pupil’s exact words.
  • Do not promise confidentiality.
  • Reassure the pupil they have done the right thing.


If you have a concern regarding the welfare of a pupil, alert a Safeguarding Officer.

Visiting Speakers

We ensure that we do not unwittingly use agencies that contradict each other with their messages or that are inconsistent with, or are in complete opposition to, our values. We are committed to the equality of opportunity for all.

We will assess the suitability and effectiveness of input from external agencies or individuals to ensure that:

Any messages communicated to pupils support British Values and our values.

Any messages communicated to pupils are consistent with the ethos of the school and do not marginalise any communities, groups or individuals.

Any messages communicated to pupils do not seek to glorify criminal activity or violent extremism or seek to radicalise pupils through extreme or narrow views of faith, religion or culture or other ideologies.

Activities are in line with our curriclum to avoid contradictory messages or duplication.

Activities are matched to the needs of our pupils.

We expose our pupils to opposing views and ideologies appropriate to their age, understanding and abilities. We actively engage with them in informed debate, and we use external agencies or speakers to support this. Therefore by delivering a broad and balanced curriculum, augmented by the use of external sources, we strive to ensure our pupils recognise risk and build resilience to manage risk themselves where appropriate to their age and ability but also to help them develop skills needed to engage in informed debate.

Further details about all this information can be found in our Key Information and Policies section.

Thank you for helping to keep SFG safe.

School website by Cleverbox